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Complete Telecommunications Installation, Engineering and Services

Comprehensive infrastructure analysis and communications solutions, tailored to your needs!

About Us

Professional Installation and Engineering Services

 We offer a full array of services from building out Central offices, POPs,  equipment installation and test of transport (DWDM), Muliplexers  and CPE equipment. We also provide intra and inter facility cabling (copper, coax and fiber). Other services include small to medium DC power plant installation and PM services. 

Our engineering and installation and turn-up process is tailored to our clients requirements. We've worked with companies such as XO Communications, currently known as Verizon, MetroIPC, LedCor, DOD and other telecommunications companies.

Experienced Staff

All installation technicians are highly trained and certified in specific areas of expertise. Technicians are trained on standard publications and/or clients 

installation guidelines.

Competitive Pricing

TIES Communications LLC strives on providing a very competitive pricing and to complete the projects on time.



 • Engineering Services  

 •  On-net Building (ONB)

• CO and POP Layout


• CO/POP superstructure build-out 

• Relay racks and cabinet installation

• Cable and fiber management 

• Equipment installation and test of transport and CPE equipment.

• Intra and inter facility cabling (copper,  and fiber)

• Small to medium DC power plant installation

• On-net Building (ONB) equipment installation


• Site and/or equipment decommissioning

• Preventive Maintenance (PM) services

• Fiber jumpers, and attenuators

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